Saturday, March 30, 2013

Somebody's Watching You

When the dogs think no one is looking, they all behave differently.  You can see everyone running after TEDDY.  Black lab ELLA totally enjoys Teddy's company.  SIMCHA the Airedale Terrier loves all the commotion and hasn't stopped playing since he arrive.  CHEWIE the blond lab mix observes at the outskirts like a supervisor. DINO the Beagle is like a missle, targets one dogs and barks/honks/sniffs until it till the sun goes down.

Bark Park: Barking DINO, Happy ELLA

DINO barked barked up a storm and when he finally got the attention of a 1-year old, 80 pound dog named Tiny, the chase was on. CHEWIE tried to save Dino...but from 6 feet away.  Ella was the only DBar Dog that showed off fetching skills..and her 100 watt smile.  SIMCHA was mounting too many dogs their owners...upset a few.